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Our 2023 scholarship application opens November 1, through Tuesday, March 15!

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Congratulations to our 2022 Scholarship Recipients!

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Scholarships for 2-Year Hospitality Students!

In 2020, the AHLA Foundation unveiled a new scholarship program for 2-year hospitality programs around the country. 

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  • Meet Shante!

    American Public University, 2020 American Express Scholarship Recipient

    “By awarding me the American Express scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning.”

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  • Meet Romel!

    University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2020 Opening Doors Scholarship Recipient

    “With this amazing scholarship, the financial burden of college is lifted off my shoulders and I can focus on school and my other activities...I do hope to expand my horizons within the AHLA community to gain further insight within this amazing association and eventually give back to it.”

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  • Meet Roxana!

    University of the District of Columbia, 2020 American Express & Ecolab Scholarship Recipient

    “This scholarship award will definitely take me a step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional of the Hospitality Management and Tourism Industry.”

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  • Meet Rohit!

    University of Houston, 2020 Banks Brown Graduate Scholarship Recipient

    "I am thankful to the AHLA Foundation for providing me the assistance to continue pursuing my dream through an education...Thank you for believing in me and the thousands of students whose dream is to make a positive impact on the world." 

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  • Meet Patty!

    Virginia Tech, 2020 Rama Scholarship Recipient

    "With this scholarship, I’m able to focus on my school work to end my college career on the best note possible. Receiving this scholarship is not only a nod to my parents’ hard work but also proves that they made the right decision to move us to the United States fifteen years ago."

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  • Meet Phoenix!

    Paul Smith's College, 2020 National Restaurant Association Scholarship Recipient

    "I sincerely have no words to describe how thankful I am...and to acknowledge that there are still people that are willing to provide for and help those who need it. Hospitality is my life and every single award that I am given emphasizes that I have chosen the perfect major for me."

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  • Meet Sean!

    Johnson & Wales University Charlotte, 2020 Cecil B. Day Memorial Scholarship Recipient

    “Being chosen to receive this is a huge honor to me. The hospitality industry is a huge passion of mine and means everything to me...The quicker that I can be debt free, the quicker I can work on achieving my dreams!”

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We have money for you; you have questions for us.

Please see our Scholarship FAQs page for more information on the AHLA Foundation's scholarship programs.

Should you have any questions regarding the application fields, please contact Joyce Walker at jwalker@ahla.com. For technical support, please contact Heather Lukes at ahlafoundation@scholarshipapps.org.

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