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2023 Night of a Thousand Stars
Los Angeles, CA
January 22, 2023


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  • Saul Sarmiento

    Professional Development Scholarship, 2020

     “The beauty of revenue management is that what you apply you will see almost immediately. It means the world to me as I will further educate myself and apply what I have learned to my current job.  Thank you AHLA for furthering my education, even at the ripe age of 40.”

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  • Jennifer Budz

    Professional Development Scholarship, 2020

    “This scholarship and opportunity to become a certified Sales Professional allows me the opportunity to continue to sharpen my skills and give me credentials that will give me a competitive advantage while I look for my next opportunity."

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  • Tevin Barnes

    F&B Specialist, Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore

    "Coming from a city where guys give up, I struggled to find my way. This partnership wasn't a handout; it was an opportunity. It provided me the opportunity to grow, meet new people and get a real career. Now, I can better my children's lives. To have a job I love is a dream come true." 

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  • Qui Solomon

    Cook, Hyatt Regency Orlando

    "By attending second harvest food bank my confidence is at an all-time high, and now I believe in myself...I have found a home in hospitality, and I want to thank the AHLA Foundation for providing the grant that gave me a new beginning."

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  • Tiffany Holland

    Front Desk Supervisor, Aimbridge Hospitality

    "The apprenticeship program allows you to strengthen your skills and bring you to a higher level of performance. This program has changed my life completely....You can climb until you reach your goals and dreams."

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