Human Trafficking Prevention Partners

Safe House Project moves beyond awareness to combat child trafficking through education, safe housing, and survivor empowerment.  Only 1% of trafficking victims are ever identified or escape.  Elevate your understanding of trafficking through our FREE Survivor Informed Training on how to spot, report, and prevent human trafficking.  Without proper support after rescue, 80 percent of victims end up back in traffickers' hands.  Support upon intervention is critical in helping survivors break free of their trafficking situation.  Safe House Project provides emergency shelter to survivors, and provides next steps to safety and healing through restorative homes.  Donate Hotel Points for Emergency Services or donate money to support the national launch of safe house programs.

Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS) and Marriott training: Marriott International has partnered with the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS) to develop an introduction to hospitality curriculum that will be integrated as part of a broader GFEMS career readiness toolkit for modern slavery survivors. The goal is to create a career readiness initiative that provides market-based skills training to introduce survivors to different career tracks, including the hospitality industry.

Donating Hotel Points To Support Local Shelters: When local emergency shelters are full or unavailable, hotels may be the only safe space option for a survivor upon leaving a trafficking situation. Survivor leaders also need lodging support when traveling for consulting opportunities and speaking engagements. Polaris has recommended that companies consider donating hotel points, as well as allowing their customers to donate their points to support anti-trafficking organizations. Polaris, through operation of the National Human Trafficking Hotline, can help distribute such points on a national scale.

To see an example of how Wyndham Hotels & Resorts participates, click here

Team HOPE: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provides a wide range of support services for victims and their families including peer support, reunification assistance and mental health referrals.  Through a network of volunteers who have personally experienced having a missing or sexually exploited child, Team HOPE provides peer support to families of missing, recovered or sexually exploited children.