ForWard: Advancing Women In Hospitality

ForWard is an AHLA Foundation initiative aimed at mentoring, educating, and leading women to the next level of their career.

Many programs, one common goal.

Annual Conference

The ForWard brand launched in 2018 as an annual conference to recognize the women of the hospitality industry and champion the next generation of leaders. The annual conference serves as the ForWard program’s pinnacle event and provides attendees an opportunity to hear from hospitality industry leaders, learn and grow with tailored sessions, and network with peers.

Many programs, one common goal.


The AHLA Foundation’s BUILD/ELEVATE programs accelerate the advancement of women in executive leadership. Participating women develop a foundation for career success through a year-long curriculum of skills-based workshops, career coaching and leadership coursework targeting five areas of knowledge including: executive presence, negotiation, advocacy, career development, networking.

Many programs, one common goal.

ForWard Network

The ForWard Network (formerly Ambassador Program) is open to AHLA members working in the hospitality industry that are passionate about the mission of ForWard. Participation in the network is not limited to any professional level or company type. Network members will actively support the implementation of ForWard initiatives under the guidance of the ForWard Advisory Committee.

Many programs, one common goal.


The ForWardThinking Speaker Series helps hospitality students envision future career opportunities by highlighting the multitude of career resources and pathways the hospitality industry offers. During each session, panelists illustrate their varied career paths, leadership roles and family lives, and engage students in small group discussions that open the door to future networking opportunities.

The ForWardThinking program is not only making a difference in students’ learning experience, but it will also continue to make a difference in our students’ future work and life, leading to positive changes in our industry.
Emily (Jintao) Ma
Professor, School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
University of Surrey, Stag Hill Campus


Date: Thursday, February 15, 2024
Time: 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Venue: Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Move our industry ForWard.

From our BUILD/ELEVATE programs that equip mid-level and executive women to advance their careers to an Annual Conference that builds community and champions the next generation of leaders, the Foundation is accelerating the careers of women in hospitality through ForWard programming. There are opportunities provide your company branding and visibility around your commitment to advancing women.

Showcase your commitment to advancing women in hospitality.