Industry-Leading Research

The AHLA Foundation funds research that matters to the lodging industry. Below are our most current funded research partnerships.

Hotel Industry Entry-Points and Pathways

An interactive dashboard is also available at


Women in Hospitality


Black Representation in Hotel Industry Leadership


Hotel Industry Board Diversity


“Unpacking Human Trafficking”

A Survey of Laws in the United States Targeting Human Trafficking in the Hospitality Industry


Hospitality Career Pathways Report

The AHLA Foundation Career Pathways research used Emsi’s profile database, consisting of roughly 136 million online profiles, to provide insights on the career pathways hospitality students follow as they advance in their career.

Interactive Food Waste Management for Hotels

With a $50,000 grant, the AHLA Foundation funded a new online platform, “Hotel Kitchen,” to feature the Interactive Food Waste Management for Hotels, which showcases best practices for food waste reduction in hotels. The toolkit can be downloaded at Hotel Kitchen.

Note: Additional research reports can be found on AHLA’s website  but may require a member log-in to access.