About AHLA Foundation

Building tomorrow’s hotel industry today

Our Mission

Inspire, support, and elevate all who work to advance the hotel industry.

Our Impact

We are committed to elevating, educating, and empowering individuals and the public on the industry’s story of opportunity and advancement.

The Problem

Our industry continues to face a gripping workforce shortage with more than a hundred thousand open positions nationwide.

Our Solution

We aim to support the recruitment, retention and advancement of employees throughout the industry. Through career development programs and scholarship initiatives, our work plays a vital role in helping hotel employees find their home in hospitality.

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Gain exposure for your brand and network with the hotel industry’s top executives while supporting a great cause – the future of our industry. Join us!

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To donate stock or make a memory or honorary contribution, please contact the AHLA Foundation.

We Can’t Do This Without You

Learn About Our Programs

Our career development focus is all about empowering sustainable growth by supporting recruitment, retention, and advancement. Individuals receive the skills training, financial support and AHLA certifications to progress from entry-level worker to management apprentice to college graduate to lifelong hospitality professional.

We Can’t Do This Without You

Join Us To Combat Human Trafficking

The No Room for Trafficking (NRFT) program builds on the hotel and lodging industry’s longstanding commitment to eradicate human trafficking by uniting us around collective anti-trafficking efforts that meet the needs of today’s hospitality employers and employees.


Commited to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs


Academic Scholarships Annually


Invested in 2023 in Opportunity Youth training for Entry-level Jobs


Industry Employees Provided with Socialized Anti-trafficking Training

Our Board of Trustees

Our leadership is comprised of passionate, generous, and dedicated hoteliers and industry partners committed to helping our employees thrive and ensuring a strong and viable future of the industry.

Our Staff

We’re committed to lodging and hospitality. Like you, we’re passionate about nurturing a talented workforce. We’re doing whatever it takes to ensure the health of the industry, for today, for tomorrow, for all of us.