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  • Romel Gaspar

    University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2020 Opening Doors Scholarship Recipient

    "With this amazing scholarship, the financial burden of college is lifted off my shoulders and I can focus on school and my other activities...I do hope to expand my horizons within the AHLA community to gain further insight within this amazing association and eventually give back to it."

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  • Tiffany Holland

    Front Desk Supervisor, Aimbridge Hospitality

    "The apprenticeship program allows you to strengthen your skills and bring you to a higher level of performance.  This program has changed my life completely...You can climb until you reach your goals and dreams."

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  • Tevin Barnes

    F&B Specialist, Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore

    "Coming from a city where guys give up, I struggled to find my way. This partnership wasn’t a handout; it was an opportunity. It provided me the opportunity to grow, meet new people and get a real career. Now, I can better my children’s lives. To have a job I love is a dream come true."

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  • Kate Kachugina

    Professional Development Scholarship, 2020

    “I feel exceedingly honored to be one of the recipients of the AHLA Foundation’s Professional Development Scholarship and want you to know the impact this financial contribution has made on my academic and personal life."

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  • AHLA Foundation Beneficiaries

    Night of a Thousand Stars, 2020

    The AHLA Foundation celebrated with some of their programs beneficiaries at the second annual premier fundraising event, Night of a Thousand Stars.

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Our donors give generously. We thank them sincerely.

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New AHLAF DE&I Year 1 Initiatives Include: A Leadership Academy, Mentorship Program, Industry Resources

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