Industry-Wide Program Builds Connections

With mentorship serving as a strategy to nurture and grow diverse talent, in late 2022, we completed our first ever pilot program with more than 100 participants representing all sectors of the industry at varying career levels. The six-month program created unique opportunities for high-caliber mentors and their mentees to match among various companies and support their personal and professional development. The platform has 30+ topics to choose from, ranging from negotiation skills to personal presence and branding.

This year, we will boost this program with even more participants as well as diversify the participation pool by inviting Opportunity Youth and higher education students.

Watch: Jordan’s Mentor Inspires Her To Advance

Here’s What Our Participants Said:

  • “I was very satisfied… I couldn’t have asked for better mentees.”
  • “Extremely satisfied! My mentor is engaged, thoughtful, inspiring, and actively working to build my skillset and network.”
Jennifer Clark Fugolo
Vice President of Industry & Stakeholder Engagement