Empowering Youth Program

Program Overview

The Empowering Youth Program (EYP) recruits young adults for entry-level hotel positions, and with the help of local community-based organizations, it nurtures and develops them with the training, tools and support that will lead to permanent careers in hospitality. EYP focuses on Opportunity Youth, young adults ages 16-24 who are out of school and unemployed and have the desire and skill to succeed in the workplace.  

For young adults, the program provides pathways to opportunity and success that will lead to lifelong employment. For employers, it will increase access to quality talent for in-demand positions and improve staff retention year after year.  

Local hoteliers participate in the program through:  

  • Guest speakers on hotel industry and career pathways 
  • Hotel property tours 
  • Work-based experiences 
  • Mock interviews 
  • Hiring fairs 

2023 AHLA Foundation Empowering Youth Program Feature – Asia Magee

The Empowering Youth Program is helping the hotel and lodging industry fill its critical labor shortage long-term by uniting with community-based organizations to prepare jobseekers for careers in hospitality. It aims to increase post-hire retention through pre-employment skills development, leading to certification, work-based experiences, and wraparound support services. 

Click here to find local community organizations in your area.

If you have questions about the Empowering Youth Program, please contact us via email to and to Courtney Thompson, our Manager of Stakeholder Engagement.

Courtney Thompson
Manager, Stakeholder Engagement


Granted in 2023 to Train Opportunity Youth for Entry-level Job




Key Markets & Growing

  • I feel like Impactful Bites is a great program to learn and build a successful career with a life skill. I appreciate AHLA Foundation for sending guest speakers and exposing us to some opportunities that we don’t get to see normally. Everyday I’m exposed to people that want to challenge themselves everyday to make a better future for themselves.
    Cristian Godines
    Youthbuild Compton
  • I appreciate and am thankful that AHLA Foundation partners took time out of their days to introduce themselves and give Impactful Bites the chance to have more opportunities in the culinary field.
    Yemili Monzon-Perez
    Youthbuild Compton
  • The people that came to talk to us made me believe in myself and to never give up! One day I will be one of those people that come and talk to people about culinary and talk about my experiences. Thank you AHLA Foundation for the opportunity.
    Valerie Leyva
    Youthbuild Compton