In Honor of National Apprenticeship Week, I wanted to share the story of one young woman who is moving up in her career thanks to the valuable training she received during her apprenticeship program, customized for the hotel industry.

Regardless of someone’s path in the industry, our Lodging Manager Apprenticeship Program provides the training and mentorship necessary to advance your career.

Tiffany Holland, a Front Desk Supervisor with Aimbridge Hospitality and current AHLEF apprentice, touts the program and the support she received from her company as bringing her one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming a general manager.

Tiffany: “The [apprenticeship] training will give you a greater understanding of your responsibilities within your role and various roles in the company. This program will enhance your confidence and overall performance. This program has changed my life completely. You have an opportunity to learn at your own pace and strengthen areas you feel you need more training. It puts you in a place to feel valued.”  

By combining hands-on learning with a mentor and online training, apprentices go through six job rotations to learn:

  • Financial management,
  • Marketing and sales management,
  • Human resources management,
  • Rooms management,
  • Food and beverage management, and
  • Supervisory and leadership skills.

We currently have over 750 apprentices enrolled in over 500 properties across 42 states and Washington, D.C.

And we are seeing great results. The program has a 94% retention rate, and apprentices see a 18% average wage increase upon completion of the 6-7-month program. We can build the next generation of leaders by investing in individuals – like Tiffany –one at a time. It's worth it.