Ad Campaign to Attract Talent

Our multi-channel campaign, “A Place to Stay,” is recruiting talent to the hotel industry by raising awareness of fulfilling, lifelong careers.

Campaign Goals

• Showcase 200+ career pathways and immediate job opportunities leveraging the voices of real hotel employees
• Educate job seekers about career advancement, flexibility, unique benefits, and competitive salaries (17.6% higher wages over the past 2 years)
• Recruit our country’s diverse pool of talent and support their journey to establish a life-long career in the hotel industry

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Watch Karinna’s Journey From Housekeeper to Human Resources Manager

Make the Hospitality Industry Your Place to Stay

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  • I want to serve people. I consider it my purpose in life to serve people and I have the good fortune in life to do that both for our associates and for our guests… Anytime you ask someone to discuss or share their most memorable experience… for us to be a part of that story, that’s something that’s truly unique.
    General Manager
  • The thing about hospitality is that it’s great when you can start from the bottom and kind of work your way up. Any small role that you can get can lead to an even bigger role.
    Complex Marketing Manager
  • We’re not a 24-hour operation like the hotel. We get to open and we get to close. That’s a great opportunity for people who want more traditional working hours. I love my working hours. I mean, I think that’s definitely a benefit. And ultimately, you get a balance of life, and that’s really what the spa is about anyway, right?

Jennifer Clark Fugolo
Vice President of Industry & Stakeholder Engagement