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Pearson Accelerated Pathways helps companies strategically align their educational assistance benefit to the talent objectives of the organization. We work with organizations to deliver education interventions that improve your talent’s skill and knowledge, building a workforce that’s more skilled, competitive, engaged, and prepared for the future of work.

Our programs increase equity and access to education leveraging Pearson’s global scale and capabilities, and an ecosystem of educational partners aligned to our mission of supporting the lifelong learner.

Results include improved employee engagement and retention, enhanced training, upskilling and reskilling opportunities for your employees, and a powerful brand enhancement opportunity for your organization.

What’s in it for me?

As valued AHLA member, the AHLA and Pearson Accelerated Pathways partnership helps you invest in your employees by providing additional on-the-job professional development. Eligible employees at participating hotel programs can pursue academic pathways from foundational skills to future-ready degrees, including debt-free academic certificate programs and associate degrees from regionally accredited community colleges. Pearson’s Accelerated Pathways team works closely with your employees, matching them with accredited community colleges to complete an academic certificate program or associate degree. In many cases, employees can use existing college credits to jumpstart their education. This allows busy working adults in the hotel industry to stay in control of their education while they juggle job responsibilities and family obligations.

Companies already partnering with Accelerated Pathways include:

Employees of companies below who are interested please contact your local human resources department for more information

Davidson Hotel and Resorts
Interstate Hotels & Resorts
New Castle Hotels & Resorts
OTO Development Pivot Hotels & Resorts
Pyramid Hotel Group
Red Roof
Remington Hotels
TradeWinds Island Resorts
Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

In addition to debt-free academic certificate programs and associate degrees, Pearson’s Accelerated Pathways offers additional educational opportunities, including:

English Language Learning - ESL
Literacy and Life Skills
Low-Cost Bachelor’s Degrees
Reduced-Cost Graduate Degrees

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*“Debt-Free” applies to individuals in the Pearson Accelerated Pathways Program who would not need to take federal or private loans to pay for tuition, fees, books or course materials in connection with their enrollment in one of the eligible degree programs at designated Pearson partner schools. To qualify for the Debt-Free associate degree, students are required to:

  • Comply with all program terms, conditions and guidelines;

  • Complete and submit all required paperwork;

  • Submit all requested documentation relating to prior coursework and transcripts;

  • Apply for all tuition assistance and/or reimbursement benefits from their employer;

Comply with all terms and conditions for eligibility set forth in their employer’s benefits policies, including satisfaction of grade criteria for each course.

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