Fund Will Provide Resources to Support Career Training, Housing, Childcare, Transportation, Employment Opportunities and More

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 11, 2022) – Today the American Hotel & Lodging Foundation (AHLA Foundation) announced a $500,000 donation from the Hyatt Hotels Foundation to launch the “No Room for Trafficking Survivors Fund” and expand the hotel industry’s ongoing work to support human trafficking prevention and survivors. 

No Room for Trafficking is an AHLA Foundation national awareness program that builds on the industry’s ongoing commitment and work to end human trafficking. No Room for Trafficking is committed to supporting economic stability for survivors of human trafficking, while continuing to advance training and education to prevent human trafficking within the industry.

With the donation from the Hyatt Hotels Foundation, and further support from the industry, the Survivors Fund will be able to equip community-based organizations with the resources they need to engage and support survivors – from direct financial support of their short-term, baseline needs through to career-related support that can empower and equip them on their path forward. 

“We are so grateful to the Hyatt Hotels Foundation for its generous donation which will jumpstart the No Room for Trafficking Survivors Fund to support career training, employment opportunities, housing and childcare needs of those who have experienced the horrors of trafficking,” said Rosanna Maietta, president & CEO of the AHLA Foundation. “The fight against human trafficking has no finish-line, and as an industry we will continue to provide cutting-edge resources and support to ensure we are doing all we can to prevent and respond to human trafficking.”

“The hotel industry is dedicated to eradicating human trafficking and doing its part to support survivors. The generous donation provided by the Hyatt Hotel Foundation puts us one step closer to achieving this goal,” said Chip Rogers, president and CEO of AHLA. “We are extremely grateful for the continued support of the Hyatt Hotels Foundation as we, as an industry, seek to provide resources and support services for survivors of human trafficking.”

“We recognize the potential of human trafficking to intersect with the hospitality industry and believe that one of the best ways the industry can combat the egregious violation of fundamental human rights is through efforts like the AHLA Foundation’s No Room for Trafficking Survivors Fund,” said Malaika Myers, Hyatt Hotels Foundation. “The Hyatt Hotels Foundation is proud to seed the kick-off donation to the fund and is committed to furthering efforts in this space.”

With this donation, a representative from the Hyatt Hotels Foundation will serve as co-chair of the No Room for Trafficking Advisory Council that will bring together industry executive leaders in thought leadership and action to drive forward their collective efforts to eradicate human trafficking and support survivors. Together with survivors, they will set a framework for the Survivor Fund, as well as identify other areas of innovation and opportunity for the industry’s human trafficking prevention and awareness efforts. Once established, the next phase of the Fund will be to disburse critical resources to support survivors.