Virtual Revenue Strategy Forum Launches

Duetto, in partnership with Silver Hospitality Group, has revealed the first in a series of virtual Revenue Strategy Forums (RSF), designed to bring together leaders and practitioners who will examine the forces reshaping hospitality today and share innovations for navigating success through uncertainty.

The half-day virtual event will combine education, networking and high-level information exchange among hotel executives and respected industry leaders responsible for increasing revenue and optimizing demand.

Scheduled for May 19, the virtual half-day event will include industry leaders who will articulate and iterate the evolution of revenue strategy—while also addressing key issues in data, marketing and innovation.

Keynote speakers and participants already confirmed for the event:

“The Virtual Revenue Strategy Forum will bring together the best minds in the hotel industry and technology to discuss revenue strategy,” said Stacy Silver, president, Silver Hospitality Group. “Any hospitality executive interested in discussing practical solutions to the most pressing issues facing hoteliers in today’s dynamic marketplace should attend.”

“The rapid changes we have seen in the marketplace over the past year have posed substantial challenges for hoteliers,” said David Woolenberg, CEO, Duetto. “The aim of this conference is to give hoteliers and industry leaders practical insight into ways to elevate their revenue strategy while addressing data, marketing and technology innovations.”

In lieu of a registration fee for RSF North America, the organizers are requesting attendees make a charitable donation to support the AHLA Foundation, the charitable giving arm of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), which is dedicated to helping people build careers, improve their lives and strengthen the lodging industry. As a further commitment to supporting our industry and front-line workers, Duetto has agreed to match the first $2,500 in contributions.

RSF Americas will be followed by RSF EMEA, which will take place in mid-June and include input from industry leaders across Europe and the Middle East.

Register for RSF Americas here.