About Us

We're building tomorrow's hotel industry today.
But only with your support.

The always-growing hotel industry is in constant need of a talented workforce. To keep thriving, we need to keep resupplying our workforce with the next generation of leaders who will take us into the future.

That's why the American Hotel & Lodging Foundation (AHLA Foundation) is here.

We keep the industry's talent pipeline filled by funding scholarships, workforce development programs and school-to-career outreach that launch careers and provide our member hotels with the talent they need to succeed over the long term.

Created in 1953 as the charitable, not-for-profit affiliate of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), we've distributed more than $27.5 million so far.

Our mission includes:

  • Focusing on three workforce development cornerstone programs: Empowering Youth, Apprenticeship, and Debt-Free College.
  • Administering nine different scholarship programs, ranging from incoming freshman to graduate-level hospitality management students.
  • Funding essential research studies that address critical industry issues and provides important insights we use to tell the industry's story.

We couldn't do this without you. The Foundation relies solely on contributions from generous companies and individuals who want to give back to the hotel industry and ensure its sustained success. It's your future. Help strengthen it.

To receive a copy of AHLAF's Annual Report, Form 990, audited financial statements, please contact us directly. To read our nonprofit disclosures, please click here