Program Overview

Students and parents alike are unaware of the many career pathways the industry offers or that hospitality careers provide resources to build strong families and lead to financial rewards. Castell@College helps hospitality students envision future career opportunities and life successes. 

Castell@College is available virtually over Zoom as a 60-90-minute session and as a two to 2.5-hour on-site workshop. 

During sessions panelists: 

  • Use stories to illustrate their varied careers, leadership and family lives
  • Balance career and life topics with those about the current economy
  • Engage with students in small group discussion
  • Open the door to future networking opportunities

Please contact Deborah Cox to learn more about becoming a panelist or scheduling a session for one of your classes. 

Want to Become a Castell@College Panelist?

  • The program is not only making a difference in students’ learning experience, but it will also continue to make a difference in our student’s future work and life, leading to positive changes in our industry.
    Emily (Jintao) Ma
    University of Surrey, Stag Hill Campus