No Room for Trafficking is an AHLA Foundation national awareness program that builds on the industry’s ongoing commitment and work to end human trafficking. Through elevating, assessing, educating and supporting the fight to end human trafficking, AHLAF’s program will ensure hotel employees are continuously developing a better understanding of ways to identify traffickers and potential victims in hotels.

Free Online Human Trafficking Awareness Training

Hotel employees who have undergone training are more aware of trafficking when it happens – and are more willing to report it – than those who have not been trained. That is why hotels across the country are continuously expanding training tools and resources to ensure employees remain vigilant and have a deep understanding of the most up-to-date indicators to spot human trafficking. 

Over half a million hotel workers have been trained through the industry's free human trafficking awareness training. 

Sign up today to complete or bring a free 30-minute online human trafficking training program, available in 17 languages, directly to your hotel property. The training is targeted for hotel employees at all levels of a property, and the e-learning program can be accessed through ECPAT-USA’s Learning Management System** or be licensed and hosted directly on an employer’s Learning Management System.  

This training was produced by Marriott International in collaboration with ECPAT-USA and Polaris with the support of the AHLA Foundation, an ECPAT-USA corporate partner in protection.

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Human Trafficking Member Resource

The AHLA Foundation is pleased to unveil an updated No Room for Trafficking Member Resource Guide.  This updated guide includes an action plan with recommended steps for hotels to take to begin combatting the issue and pertinent partner information to help reinforce industry efforts.

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Combating Trafficking During COVID-19

AHLAF teamed up with ECPAT-USA to develop five ways that hotels can enhance efforts to combat human trafficking in light of increasing vulnerabilities from COVID-19.

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Unpacking Human Trafficking

Produced by ECPAT-USA through funding from the AHLA Foundation, the “Unpacking Human Trafficking” report provides a summary of the laws of the 50 states relating to the display of human trafficking awareness posters in lodging facilities and the requirement that employees be trained to recognize and handle suspected incidents of human trafficking. 

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Signs & Resources

Marriott International has produced an assortment of free downloadable posters for the hotel industry to raise awareness of human trafficking and its common indicators with employees and guests. 

ECPAT-USA has developed posters that comply with various human trafficking laws, including state-specific cases. 

National Human Trafficking Hotline Awareness Materials: The Hotline provides a free, downloadable flyer in 20 languages and a wallet-sized card in English and Spanish. Additionally, the card can be easily downloaded and added to your website. 

The Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign: This includes options for indicator pocket cards as well as signage here. Another way that your hotel can raise awareness with guests is through social media posts that highlight our industry’s unified commitment to preventing human trafficking in hotels.

Sample Company-Wide Policy

As part of the campaign, the AHLA is providing members with a recommended company-wide policy template that companies can adopt to ensure they have a comprehensive employee code of conduct in place and to ensure unified standards across the industry.

To view AHLA’s recommended company policy, click here.

To further customize your template company policy, contact Polaris by emailing corporateengagement@polarisproject.org. Polaris will work with your specific brand or property to develop tailored solutions to help shape your property and employee’s responses to trafficking. 

Human Trafficking Prevention Partners

Combatting Trafficking During COVID-19

COVID-19 has amplified vulnerabilities in communities across the country, making some individuals more at risk of being trafficked.

  • Researchers have already noted that "the COVID-19 pandemic has created circumstances that may increase the risk of trafficking, inhibit identification of those who are trafficked and those who survive trafficking, and make it harder to deliver comprehensive services to support survivors' recovery." 
  • Interpol reports that "under-reporting of child sexual abuse and increased sharing of child exploitation material through peer-to-peer networks are among the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic."  
  • The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported a 93% increase in online enticement reports from January to June 2020 versus the same time in 2019.

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