2024 ELEVATE Practicum


03/05/2024 12:00am


03/07/2024 11:59pm

Washington, D.C.

About the Event

The BUILD and ELEVATE leadership program cultivates a strong leadership identity and prime recognized leaders for high-level advancement. Participating women develop a foundation for career success through a year-long curriculum of skills-based workshops, career coaching, and leadership coursework targeting five areas of knowledge including executive presence, negotiation, advocacy, career development, and networking.


This three-day practicum is a critical part of participants’ experience with the ELEVATE program.


Programming and agenda details are still being developed, but please continue to check back for further updates.

Registration Details & Pricing

Note: only participants accepted to the ELEVATE cohort can register for this event. If you are a BUILD participant, your event details are available here. If you are neither a BUILD nor ELEVATE participant, please check out AHLA Foundation’s other ForWard events that are open to the public.

For more information on how to get involved with the BUILD / ELEVATE program, visit our Leadership Program page.

Event Contact

Please contact Deb Cox ( with questions or to reserve your sponsorship today.